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Welcome to the HardingEvans Solicitors website.  HardingEvans is a trading name of HardingEvansLimited Liability Partnership, registered number OC311802

HardingEvans Solicitors
2 North Street
NP20 1TE

HardingEvans LLP is a firm of solicitors based in Newport, practicing both private and commercial law, and is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority the representative body for solicitors in England and Wales (No. 419663). You may review the relevant professional rules under the Solicitors Code of Conduct 2011, using the following link. 

Our Partners:

 G.A.S. Bellavia LL.B, P.V. Kent LL.B, M.J. Jenkins LL.B, K.M. Thomas LL.B, C.M. Price LL.B, A.J. Christie B.A, S.L. Edwards LL.B, W.L. Williams LL.B, D. Wilde LL.B, J. Rogers LL.B, H.K.Thomas BSc.
(The word "Partners" used in relation to the LLP, refers to a member of the LLP or any employee of, or consultant to, the LLP who is a lawyer with equivalent standing and qualifications)

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The HardingEvans website has been created as source of information about the services that we can provide. This website contains general information which we endeavour to keep accurate and up to date, the information does not constitute advice on any specific legal matter and we disclaim any liability in relation to its use.  You should seek appropriate legal advice prior to taking any legal action.


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 At HardingEvans we take your privacy seriously. Please take a moment to read this privacy policy, which discloses the privacy practices of HardingEvans. Specifically, the policy outlines the types of information that may be gathered when you register for or use our services, and the ways in which that information may be used.


If you have any queries about our website please email marketing@hevans.com or contact us on 01633244 233.

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